About Us

Dual Rill Farms


Lana & Earl have been married for the last 20+ years, have both been involved in the agriculture field with either working directly on the farm, or Agri-related business.

Along the way we have taken the time to raise 2 children.   Our son Cody who is a diesel mechanic, & our daughter Michaela is presently attending college for Registered Massage Therapy.

We moved up to Golden Valley in 2016 and now run a 45 cow/calf operation on 250 acres

We feel being involved in your industry, benefits your business but it also benefits the entire industry.  Earl is the President of the Muskoka Parry Sound East Nipissing Cattle Association & Lana is the President East Nipissing Parry Sound OFA

Farm To Table

Skip the aisles and take a drive to the country and shop at Dual Rill Farms Country Farm Market

As your food is grown closer to home, it reaches your table faster; keeping it fresher, higher quality and more nutritious.  You’ll be supporting a local business and a local family farm.


Here at the farm we let our cow herd out onto pasture around the end of may. The rotational grazing system we use here on the farm is developed by subdividing a large pasture into several smaller paddocks and grazing these paddocks in a planned sequence. This provides rest periods for plants while others are being grazed. Once all the paddocks have been grazed, the sequence restarts with the first pasture that has been rested the longest being grazed.
Manure nutrients are more evenly distributed across the field as well.
We just don’t do this with our cattle, our chickens do as well.